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786 - 809 HARUN EL RASHID (Persia)

An Abbasid Caliph. His rule marked the zenith of Abbasid power. Jews and Christians did not fare well under his rule.

786 PUENTE CASTRO (near Leon, Spain)

One of the oldest tombstones in Spain attests to the existence of a significant Jewish community in northern Spain. "The tomb of Mar (anrnimportant title) Jacob bar Rabbi Isaac who was murdered... in his 45thrnyear" was written on it. A number of other tombstones were found in the samernarea.rn

C. 786 - C. 845 SAHL IBN BISHR AL-ISRAILI (Rabban al-Tabari), ( Tabaristan, Northern Iran)

Early Jewish astrologer, astronomer and mathematician Sahl is believed to be the first to translate Ptolemy's Almagest , on motions of the stars and planetary paths, into Arabic.

787 EMPRESS IRENA (Byzantine Empire)

Decried the practice of forced conversion. With clerical support, she called for conversion only of those who voluntarily confessed and rejected Judaism and its "customs and pursuits".

787 CHARLEMAGNE (Carolingian Empire)

Brought Kalonymos, a Jewish scholar, his family and his nephew from Luica to Mayence. Kalonymos strove to improve Jewish and general culture in France and Germany.

788 IDRISS I ( North Africa)

Convinced Benjamin ben Joshaphat ben Abiezer. a Tunisian Jewish tribal chief, to join his conquest. Idriss (745-791), intent on stamping out all loyalty to Baghdad, commanded them to attack other Jewish communities. When they refused, he led the attacks on their communities. He then forced them to pay a high per capita tax, and to provide virgins for his harem. According to a tradition, the Jewish tribe Ubaid Allah chose to move eastward and settled on the Island of Djerba (Gerba) in present day Tunisia.


Was declared a day of rest as well as a holy day, thus further separating Christianity from any contact with Judaism.

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