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Began to preach a national Messianic movement, much to the anger of Caliph Abd al Malik.

700 JOSE BAR JOSE (HaYatom)

First known payytan or liturgical poet, he was known for his New Year and Day of Atonement pieces. Some of the prayers date back to talmudic times or even earlier. This "poet" added to and completed many of the daily and special prayers. Most of his compositions are devoid of rhyme and without meter. At first, not all talmudic scholars welcomed these additions, but eventually many of his writings were included in the siddur (prayer book), although some were only adopted by specific communities.

702 DAHRA (Dahiya) AL KAHINA (Southeast Algeria)

Jewish "priestess". She led an alliance of Berber tribes which was defeated by Moslem forces. She was said to have lived 127 years and ruled with her 3 sons over the tribe of Jerava for 65 years.

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