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A local bishop (411-435) and supporter of Cyril of Alexandria, converted one of the two local synagogues into the Church of St Stephen. He claimed to have converted " thousands "of Jews sometimes through violent means.

420 February 15, 420 February 15 THEODOSIUS II (ILLYRICUM -East coast of the Adriatic Sea and its inland mountains.)

After local attacks on the Jews, he prohibited the burning of synagogues. At the same time, he warned Jews not to "provoke" Christians.

423 April 8, VALENTINIAN III (Western Roman Emperor)

Jews were forbidden to disinherit their children who became Christians.

423 June 8, EMPEROR THEODOSIUS II ( Eastern Empire)

Ordered, that "Jews may not construct new synagogues or improve existing ones, but old ones will not be torn down, and if so they will be compensated." No penalty was attached to those who ignored his order. This was his last effort to offer some protection to the Jewish community in the Roman Empire. From here on he made no attempt to stop anti- Jewish persecution by the clergy and himself began to denounce Judaism in no uncertain terms.


Branded Judaism a corruption and called for the enslavement and severe persecution of Jews until they agreed to convert.

425 February 1, THEODOSIUS II ( Eastern Empire)

Ordered Jews to observe Christian holidays.

425 July 9, FRANCE

In one of the earliest official mentions of Jews in France, a declaration was sent to Amatius the prefect of Gaul by emperor Theodosius II (401-450). In it he prohibited Jews and pagans from practicing law or holding public offices in order to prevent them from being subjected to or influenced by them.

425 July 9, VALENTINIAN III (Western Roman Emperor)

Reemphasizes the law " deny(ing) Jews and pagans (the right) to try cases of law or serve in the army".

429 THEODOSIUS II (Emperor of the Eastern (Byzantine) Roman Empire)

Ordered that all funds raised by Jews to support schools be turned over to his treasury. (They are still known as the patriarchal funds.)

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