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C. 1320 LUCERNE (Switzerland)

A town proclamation demanded a fine for anyone perpetrating a blood libel against the Jews without notifying the council in advance.


Founded Vilna and made it his capital. He then brought a number Jews to live there. Although a real Jewish presence would not find its way to Lithuania until the end of the century (1389) and the rule of Grand Duke Witold.

1320 July 7, PASTOUREAUX (Southern France)

A crusade against the Jews was started by a shepherd. It spread throughout most of southern France and northern Spain. One hundred and twenty communities were destroyed. At Verdun, 500 Jews defended themselves from within a stone tower where they killed themselves when they were about to be overrun.

1320 July 22, KING JAMES II (Aragon)

In reaction to the excesses in southern France, he proscribed support for the survivors, including an exemption on taxes. At the same time, he refused to allow forcibly baptized children to be returned to their parents.

1320 September 6, POPE JOHN XII

Ordered the burning of the Talmud and the expulsion of Jews from the Papal States. A large bribe managed to avert the expulsion order although two years later the Talmud was burned in Rome during the festival of Shavuot (Pentecost). During the riots which ensued, the father-in-law of Immanuel of Rome was killed and local expulsions did take place ( Milan).

1321 CASTILE (Spain)

Henry II forced the Jews to wear the yellow badge.

1321 August 21, FRANCE

Jews were accused of encouraging lepers to poison Christian wells. This directly led to wide-spread and similar accusations during the Black Plague. This time, five thousand Jews were killed. At Chinon, 160 Jews were burned in a pit on an island outside of town. The king, Philip the Tall, in due course admitted that the Jews were innocent. The island is still known as Ile de Juifs.

1322 June 24, CHARLES IV " The Fair" OF FRANCE

The son of Phillip IV, expelled all the Jews from France without the promised one year's warning.


Expelled all the Jews from France without the promised one year's warning.


The Jews were accused the Egyptian sultan Al-Nasir Muhammad (1285- 1341) of starting a fire. They were given the choice of death or a payment of a fine of 50,000 gold pieces. They paid the fine.

1326 ETZ HA-HAYYIM SYNAGOGUE (Basra, Ottoman Empire)

Was established with permission of Sultan Orhan Gazi (1281-1360) after his conquest of Bursa in northwestern Anatolia. The synagogue was active until 1941 when it was destroyed in a fire.rn

1326 - 1408 ISAAC BEN SHESHET PERFET (the Rivash) (Spain)

Rabbi, Halachic Authority and communal leader. Though he actually studied under the Ran, he is considered a pupil of ben Aderet whose teachings he followed. He wrote commentaries on the Talmud, Bible and Halachah, with many of his 518 responsa published as She'elot u-Teshuvot ha-Ribash. He was arrested and held along with his brother Judah, R.Nissim Gerondi and R. Hasdai Crescas and others on false charges of host desecration but eventual cleared. Perfet then served as rabbi of Sarargossa. He is also remembered for his uncompromising defense of Jewish tradition, even attacking those of the “ruling class” which often led him into conflict.


At the city councils request, the Jews were expelled.


Andrew of Perugia, a Franciscan friar and local Bishop, commented in frustration that the Jews of Quanzhou refused to be converted. The Jewish presence there dated back to the Yuan Dynasty (1279-1368). In the Middle Ages, Quanzhou port was of major importance in what was known as the “ Marine Silk Road", which linked up nearly 100 Asian and African countries and regions.

1326 July, Barcelona (Aragon, Spain)

Sixty families of Jewish refugees were permitted to settle in Aragon by James II after being expelled from France. For the most part the king managed to protected these Jews even those who had been previously baptized

1326 August 28, SARA DE SANCTO AEGIDIO (St. Gilles France)

A physician, signed a teacher-student contract with, Salvetus de Burgonoro. She was to teach him for seven months and provide room and board. In return all income during his apprenticeship was to go to her. Her late husband Abraham, had also been a physician. This was unusual not only in the fact that she was a physician, but that she was recognized as a teacher of medicine.


With the support of the Sultan an-Nasir Muhammad in Cairo, a local synagogue was turned into a mosque . It is known as the Al-Hayyat (“Snake”) mosque due to a carving on a central pillar. The synagogue built in 1241 may been constructed on the ruins of another synagogue dated back to the 6th century.

C. 1328 - 1369 AARON BEN ELIJAH ( aka Aaron the younger) (Nicomedia, Turkey)

Karaite scholar, and philosopher, and jurist. Famed for his works Etz Hayyim ( Tree of Life) on philosophy, Gan Eden (Garden of Eden) on Karaite law, and Keter Torah (Crown of the Law), a commentary on the Pentateuch.

1328 March 5, NAVARRE (France)

After the death of Charles the Fair (Charles IV), Philip's brother and successor, Pedro Olligoyen, a Franciscan friar, used the Jews as a scapegoat against French rule. Charles was the last of the French Capet dynasty which had inherited Navarre. Local militias tried to defend the Jews but were outnumbered. All Jewish houses were pillaged then destroyed. Approximately 6000 Jews were murdered. There were 20 survivors. Those that took part were fined but the fines were later cancelled.


A street with the name of Via Scannaguidei rn(Kill the Jews Street) was noted.

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