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Linked the Amoraic and Geonic periods. Sabara means opinion, hence the opinion makers. The exact dates of this period are in dispute. It probably started with Mar Jose and ended with Mar Isaac. During this time the Talmud was edited and Midrashic literature and liturgical poetry developed. Although the text itself wasn't changed, topics were edited and some, such as sacrifices which were currently not relevant, were de-emphasized. The Saboraim were skillful stylists who produced smoothly flowing presentations.

500 THEODORIC (Italy)

King of the Ostrogoths (an Aryan tribe). After conquering Italy (489) he issued an edict confirming protection for the Jews and safeguarding their privileges/charters, which included the right to determine civil disputes and freedom of worship. He also protected their synagogues and persons against incitement by the Church.

501 July 23, ERETZ ISRAEL

A massive earthquake hit the coast. Acre was partially destroyed. Cities as far inwards as Jerusalem suffered damage.

507 July 9, DAPHNE (NEAR ANTIOCH) (Syria)

A sporting event was held in the form of a chariot race between two parties, the greens and the whites. For no apparent reason the supporters of the greens attacked the local synagogue, killing the Jews inside. Callipoe a circus charioteer, and supporter of the Green Monophysite party (see 486),came to Antioch to fight the Blue ( Christian orthodox) party. The Jews once again became the scapegoat , with the local synagogue being destroyed and the Jews inside murdered.

508 ARLES (Gaul)

Was attacked by the Franks and Burgundians. Jews played a significant role in its defense.


Was dedicated in the port of Maiuma ( later known as Gaza), by the brothers Menachem and Yeshua , both wood traders The mosaic contained of a picture of king David with a harp. When discovered in excellent condition in 1965, the Egyptians declared it was a church with a picture of Orpheus despite the fact that there was Hebrew lettering. By the time Israeli forces captured Gaza in 1967,the face of David, one on his hands and other parts of the mosaic had been destroyed.

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