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C. 150 SEFER OLAM RABBAH (Eretz Israel)

Was written by Jose b. Halafta. R' Jose, who was one of Rabbi Akiva's gifted students, lived in Sepphoris where he became the head of the Beit Din. His Sefer Olam Rabbah (The Great book of the World) was written in three parts: Part one - from creation to Moses; Part two - from Joshua to Zechariah; and Part three - from the murder of Zechariah until the Bar Kochba revolt. Although there are historical discrepancies (especially in the Persian period), it was of vast importance as a chronological framework of biblical history


Known as Braita de Malekhet Hamishkan, was probably compiled by Rabbi Nehemiah, although some say it was Rabbi Nathan. It is also known as Mishnat haMidot. Some believe that it is a later work and date it as mid 8th century (see 750). A later version was translated into Arabic around 820.

155 - C. 235 Cassius Dio (Dio cassius)

Roman historian. He is the primary non-Jewish source regrading Jewish history of the time. Although much of his information is reliable, he tended to imaginative exaggerations when it served his Roman patrons. Regarding the Cyrene revolt (see 115), he reported that Jews killed a half a million romans and Greeks, would eat the flesh of their victims, and anoint themselves with their blood.rn rn rn rn

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